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An essential part in Chinese customs is the Joss paper. Also known as ghost or spirit money, Joss papers are sheets or papercrafts turned into burnt offerings commonly used in Chinese ancestral worship and other religious practices. The burning of Joss paper is believed to ensure that the spirit of the deceased is at eased and blessed with good things in the afterlife. Traditionally, Joss paper is made from coarse bamboo paper, with a handmade feel that comes in many variances and imperfections. Rice paper is also commonly used where the traditional Joss is cut into individual squares or rectangles.

Joss Stick Online Store

As a type of incense, Joss sticks are traditionally burned in various religious practices within Southeast Asia. The burning of a Joss stick is an everyday practice in traditional Chinese religion. Joss sticks are used for many different reasons or on different festive days and they come in various types. Most Joss sticks are long and thin coloured in yellow, red and sometimes black. Joss sticks that are thick are often used during special ceremonies such as funerals of loved ones.

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Incense have always been important to the practice of many religions. The Chinese have been using incense stick in religious ceremonies and ancestor memorials for over two thousand years. Incense sticks are also commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in daily life. The burning of incense is believed to be a common method to expel negative energies in a house and bring forth positive vibes. A common form of sacrificial offering to a god or deity is through the use of incense in connection with temples.

Joss Candle

Joss candles are another important praying material commonly used in many religious ceremonies. For Chinese, Joss candles are used during prayers in hope for prosperity, wealth, health and peace in their life. Joss candles are also burned in Chinese culture to please the gods or the deceased for their afterlife.

Chinese Praying Oil

Chinese Praying oil is used as part of anointing or blessing oil which refers to an act of transforming standard oil into a powerful spiritual symbol and tool. The process is a straightforward process where the oil is to be put is a special container or jar with a blessing being said over it. Praying oil is commonly made from vegetable oil (such as palm oil or vegetable ghee) with added extracts or rosins for aroma. Once the praying oil is readily made, it cane be used in different ways and for various purposes, mostly revolving around religious acts.

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