JOSS STICK (黑字)52cm 无烟烫金 敬祖香 (大香)

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✏️特点: 采用优质木材制作, 无毒, 环保, 使用健康。用于祭拜祖先无烟, 烧完时, 香灰还是美美一支的香。烧到中间的空格时会出万字保佑子孙财源滚滚, 平安健康
✏️Features: Made of high-quality wood, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and healthy to use. Used to pay homage to ancestors, it is smokeless. When the incense is burnt, the incense ash is still a beautiful piece of incense. When it burns to the middle of the space, it will produce 4d words to bless the future generations

✏️适用: 祭祀所有神明与菩萨, 祖先。每逢佳节, 初一或者十五都可以使用, 即使是清明节都可以用来敬祖
✏️Applicable: Sacrifice to all gods, bodhisattvas, and ancestors. It can be used during the festive season, the first day or the fifteenth day, even the Ching Ming Festival can be used to respect the ancestors 

✏️总长 Total Length & 香身 Stick Body:
➯ 52cm*1.93cm & 35.5cm

✏️数量 Quantity & 重量 Weight: 
➯ 1把(3支) & 0.34kg

⚠️注意⚠️人工测量长度 & 重量, 还有数量, 难免有少许误差, 具体以实物為标准, 但误差会在1cm+- & 10g+-之间, 还望谅解 :)
⚠️Note⚠️Manually measure the length & weight, as well as the quantity. It is inevitable that there will be a little error. The specific object is the standard,  but the error will be between 1cm+- & 10g+-, please understand :)

⚠️注意⚠️产品均为实物拍摄, 图片仅供参考
⚠️Note⚠️The products are all taken in kind, and the picture are for reference only

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JOSS STICK (黑字)52cm 无烟烫金 敬祖香 (大香)
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