JOSS PAPER 六宝贵人【赚大钱/拜婴灵金/马上遇贵人/天天接财神/和合金/补运金】(贵人纸)

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RM 3.80
➯  赚大钱: 长期使用能帮助你大富大贵, 一帆风顺, 长命百岁, 多福多寿, 心想事成, 万事如意, 消灾解困, 全家平安, 身体健康
➯  拜婴灵金: 恭请各路神灵驾临保佑。莲花净化传轮回引渡先灵归本位。今生无缘续前果, 来世有幸继善缘。此超渡婴灵金能帮助你做事万事如意, 身体健康, 工作顺利
➯  马上遇贵人: 马上遇贵人之意, 无论去到哪里, 哪里都有贵人扶持、贵人相助。做事得心应手, 马到功成, 顺风顺水, 一帆风顺, 心想事成, 万事如意
➯  天天接财神: 接财神之意, 按民间习俗, 每年年初一开始接财神, 保佑全年顺风顺水, 日日兴旺, 赚大钱。可用于每天旺铺开市和家中供奉, 保佑官场者升官发财, 生意者财源广进, 打工者升职加薪, 大家发发发, 财源滚滚来
➯  和合金: 恭请各路神灵保佑夫妻和睦、恋人和睦、朋友和睦、全家和睦, 家和万事兴, 和气生财, 万事顺利, 有求必应, 得偿所愿, 一切顺利
➯  补运金: 恭请各路尊神驾临保佑。司命尊神赐福平安, 赚大钱, 好运连连, 万事如意, 心想事成, 一切顺利幸福
➯  Make big money: Long-term use can help you become rich and wealthy, smooth sailing, live a hundred years old, have more blessings and longevity, all wishes come true, all things go well, alleviate disasters and difficulties, the whole family is safe, and you are healthy
➯  Baby Worship:  Respectfully invite the gods of all walks of life to come and bless you. The lotus purifies the reincarnation and extradites the spirits to return to their original position. There is no destiny in this life to continue the previous fruit, but the next life is fortunate to continue the good destiny. This super baby spiritual gold can help you do everything you want, be healthy, and work smoothly 
➯  Meet the nobles right away:  Immediately meeting the meaning of the noble person, no matter where you go, there is noble person's support and help from the noble person. Do things handily, success, smooth sailing, smooth sailing, all wishes come true, everything goes well
➯  Pick up the God of Wealth every day: The meaning of receiving the God of Wealth, according to folk custom, starts with the God of Wealth every year on the first day of the year, blessing the smooth flow of the whole year, prosperity every day, and making big money. It can be used to open the market every day and to worship at home, bless the officialdom to get promoted and get rich, the businessmen get rich, the migrant workers get promoted and raise their salary, everyone gets rich, and the money is rolling in
➯  And alloy: Respectfully ask the gods of all walks of life to bless the harmony of husband and wife, the harmony of lovers, the harmony of friends, the harmony of the whole family
➯  Replenishment: Respectfully ask all the gods to come and bless you. Si Ming Zun God blesses peace, makes a lot of money, good luck again and again, everything goes well, all wishes come true, everything goes well and happy

✏️适用: 祭祀所有神明与菩萨, 祈福
✏️Applicable: Worship all gods and bodhisattvas, pray for blessings

✏️尺寸 Size:
赚大钱 ➯ 
拜婴灵金 ➯ 
马上遇贵人 ➯ 
天天接财神 ➯ 
和合金 ➯ 
补运金 ➯ 

✏️数量 Quantity & 重量 Weight:
赚大钱 ➯ 1包(5张) & 0.15kg
拜婴灵金 ➯ 1包(5张) & 0.15kg
马上遇贵人 ➯ 1包(5张) & 0.15kg
天天接财神 ➯ 1包(5张) & 0.15kg
和合金 ➯ 1包(5张) & 0.15kg
补运金 ➯ 1包(5张) & 0.15kg

⚠️注意⚠️人工测量长度 & 重量, 还有数量, 难免有少许误差, 具体以实物為标准, 但误差会在1cm+- & 10g+-之间, 还望谅解 :)
⚠️Note⚠️Manually measure the length & weight, as well as the quantity. It is inevitable that there will be a little error. The specific object is the standard,  but the error will be between 1cm+- & 10g+-, please understand :)

⚠️注意⚠️产品均为实物拍摄, 图片仅供参考
⚠️Note⚠️The products are all taken in kind, and the picture are for reference only

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JOSS PAPER 六宝贵人【赚大钱/拜婴灵金/马上遇贵人/天天接财神/和合金/补运金】(贵人纸)
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