HOLY GRAIL【2寸/2.5寸/3寸/3.5寸/4寸/5寸】圣杯(红)

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RM 5.80

✏️特点: 筊杯民间俗称【胜杯】是一种占卜工具, 是世俗之人所用以与神明指示的工具。多用竹、木等材质做成, 两个为一对, 呈立体的新月形状, 每一个称为一【支】, 并分有正反面, 凸起部分称为【阴面】也就是反面, 平面的部分则称为【阳面】也就是正面
✏️Features: Shaanbei is commonly known as [Shengbei] as a divination tool, a tool used by secular people and gods to instruct. It is mostly made of bamboo, wood and other materials, two in a pair, in the shape of a three-dimensional crescent, each is called a [branch], and has front and back sides. The raised part is called the [shadow], which is the reverse side, flat surface. The part of it is called [yang face], which is the front face

✏️适用: 祭祀所有神明, 菩萨, 祈福, 祖先
✏️Applicable: Sacrifice to all gods, bodhisattvas, blessings, ancestors

✏️尺寸 Size:
2寸 ➯ 2cm*5cm
2.5寸 ➯ 2.5cm*6.5cm
3寸 ➯ 3.5cm*8cm
3.5寸 ➯ 4cm*9cm
4寸 ➯ 4cm*10cm
5寸 ➯ 5cm*12.5cm

✏️数量 Quantity & 重量 Weight:
2寸 ➯ 1包(1对) & 0.01kg
2.5寸 ➯ 1包(1对) & 0.02kg
3寸 ➯ 1包(1对) & 0.03kg
3.5寸 ➯ 1包(1对) & 0.04kg
4寸 ➯ 1包(1对) & 0.05kg
5寸 ➯ 1包(1对) & 0.08kg

⚠️注意⚠️人工测量长度 & 重量, 还有数量, 难免有少许误差, 具体以实物為标准, 但误差会在1cm+- & 10g+-之间, 还望谅解 :)
⚠️Note⚠️Manually measure the length & weight, as well as the quantity. It is inevitable that there will be a little error. The specific object is the standard,  but the error will be between 1cm+- & 10g+-, please understand :)

⚠️注意⚠️产品均为实物拍摄, 图片仅供参考
⚠️Note⚠️The products are all taken in kind, and the picture are for reference only

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