CRAFT BALL 小号/中号/大号 金盒红布球

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✏️特点: 民间俗称(换神红)意指净化神像及神位也是一种传统拜神文化, 民间薪火相传的年俗, 特别是闻到新年的气息如何把旺气留着把秽气清除。净化神位金花与红布花球同时更换。供净化所有神位更换神料
✏️Features: The folk name (changing god red) means purifying gods and gods is also a traditional god worship culture. The folk customs are passed down from generation to generation, especially how to smell the new year's breath to keep the prosperous qi and remove the filthy odor. The golden flower and the red cloth flower ball are replaced at the same time. For purification of all gods and replacement of god materials

✏️适用: 天神, 观音, 关帝爷, 大伯公, 地主, 大神等等
✏️Applicable: Gods, Guanyin, Guan Di Ye, Uncle, Landlord, Great God, etc.

✏️尺寸 Size & 线长 Line length:
小号 金盒红布球 ➯ 9cm*9cm & 70cm-80cm+-
中号 金盒红布球 ➯ 10cm*10cm & 100cm-120cm+-
大号 金盒红布球 ➯ 11cm*11cm & 80cm-100cm+-

✏️数量 Quantity & 重量 Weight: 
小号 金盒红布球 ➯ 1个 & 0.03kg
中号 金盒红布球 ➯ 1个 & 0.04kg
大号 金盒红布球 ➯ 1个 & 0.05kg

⚠️注意⚠️人工测量长度 & 重量, 还有数量, 难免有少许误差, 具体以实物為标准, 但误差会在1cm+- & 10g+-之间, 还望谅解 :)
⚠️Note⚠️Manually measure the length & weight, as well as the quantity. It is inevitable that there will be a little error. The specific object is the standard,  but the error will be between 1cm+- & 10g+-, please understand :)

⚠️注意⚠️产品均为实物拍摄, 图片仅供参考
⚠️Note⚠️The products are all taken in kind, and the picture are for reference only

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