BRASS COINS 皇帝铜钱【顺治/康熙/雍正/乾隆/嘉庆/道光/咸丰/同治/光绪/宣统】

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✏️特点: 在民间传说中, 五帝钱能镇宅, 化煞, 防小人, 避邪, 并兼具旺财功能。把五帝钱放在家中或带在身上可以辟邪驱恶。可以用红线把五帝钱穿起来挂在包包上, 也可以随身挂带, 用以避邪。因为五帝钱本身自有五行属性, 顺治属北方水, 康熙属东方木, 雍正属土, 乾隆属西方金, 嘉庆属南方火
✏️Features: In folklore, the money of the five emperors can control the house, remove evil spirits, guard against villains, ward off evil spirits, and also have the function of prospering wealth. Putting the money of the Five Emperors at home or on your body can ward off evil spirits. You can wear the five emperor money with red thread and hang it on your bag, or you can hang it with you to ward off evil spirits. Because the money of the five emperors has its own five elements, Shunzhi belongs to the northern water, Kangxi belongs to the eastern wood, Yongzheng belongs to the earth, Qianlong belongs to the western gold, and Jiaqing belongs to the southern fire

✏️适用: 佛教, 道教用品
✏️Applicable: Buddhist, Taoist Supplies

✏️尺寸 Size:
顺治 ➯ 
康熙 ➯ 
雍正 ➯ 
乾隆 ➯ 
嘉庆 ➯ 
道光 ➯ 
咸丰 ➯ 
同治 ➯ 
光绪 ➯ 
宣统 ➯ 

✏️数量 Quantity & 重量 Weight:
顺治 ➯ 1粒 & 0.01kg
康熙 ➯ 1粒 & 0.01kg
雍正 ➯ 1粒 & 0.01kg
乾隆 ➯ 1粒 & 0.01kg
嘉庆 ➯ 1粒 & 0.01kg
道光 ➯ 1粒 & 0.01kg
咸丰 ➯ 1粒 & 0.01kg
同治 ➯ 1粒 & 0.01kg
光绪 ➯ 1粒 & 0.01kg
宣统 ➯ 1粒 & 0.01kg

⚠️注意⚠️人工测量长度 & 重量, 还有数量, 难免有少许误差, 具体以实物為标准, 但误差会在1cm+- & 10g+-之间, 还望谅解 :)
⚠️Note⚠️Manually measure the length & weight, as well as the quantity. It is inevitable that there will be a little error. The specific object is the standard,  but the error will be between 1cm+- & 10g+-, please understand :)

⚠️注意⚠️产品均为实物拍摄, 图片仅供参考
⚠️Note⚠️The products are all taken in kind, and the picture are for reference only

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