JOSS CANDLE 上福田【1号/2号/3号/5号】旺来烛 (蜡烛)

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✏️特点: 100%纯蜡, 无黑烟, 无流蜡, 环保。蜡烛是用于照明、祭祀和治疗疾病。随着电力被广泛应用, 蜡烛不再用于照明而是用于祭祀、婚礼、葬礼等重要场合
✏️Features: 100% pure wax, no black smoke, no wax flow, environmental protection. Candles are used for lighting, offering sacrifices and curing diseases. With the widespread use of electricity, candles are no longer used for lighting, but for important occasions such as sacrifices, weddings and funerals

✏️适用: 初一, 十五祭拜神明, 神庙使用, 等等
✏️Applicable: The first day of the new year, the fifteenth birthday of the gods

✏️总长 Total Length:
        1号 ➯ 8cm*19.5cm
2号 ➯ 6cm*15.5cm
3号 ➯ 5cm*11.5cm
5号 ➯ 4.5cm*8cm

✏️数量 Quantity & 重量 Weight: